10 magnificent ideas for your wedding on a yacht
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wedding on a yacht water fantaseas

10 magnificent ideas for your wedding on a yacht

Water Fantaseas gives you 10 magnificent ideas for your wedding on a yacht. As it says; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Wedding at a yacht has everything – celebrate your love at sea and make your day truly unforgettable.

1. Nautical Theme

Blue tables with a knot, how sweet is that?

2. Nautical theme

Continue the theme and make sure that everything will WOW your guest

3. The true lovers knot

If you have sailor blood in your veins this is a romantic detail!

4. Save the date invitation

Set the theme early and tease your guests

5. Wooden anchor guest book

Turn the traditional guest book into a decorative memory that will make you smile everyday.

6. Message in a bottle

Making everything 100% through will amaze your guests

7. Nautical quotes

Pep up your tidings with funny, romantic sea-quotes

8. Beautiful name tags

So simple and beautiful

9. Sea Theme Cake

This is so classy and the fact that it keeps in line with the theme makes it almost too good to be true

10. The yacht provides endless decoration possibilities

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