Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal length of time for a wedding charter in order to avoid our guests feeling rushed?

How soon can our decorators/florist/DJ’s board for set up?

What time does guest boarding begin and is boarding part of the cruising time?

How early can the cake be delivered?

Will there be a wedding coordinator on board during the charter?

Is there someplace to store my dress following the ceremony?

What is an average time line for a wedding charter?

Can we do a wedding rehearsal onboard prior to the wedding?

Can we use real candles/sparklers/paper lanterns for the wedding?

What does the Wedding Package consist of?

Are there multiple levels for the Wedding Packages?

Can we bring Entertainers/Quartet/Band onboard for the wedding?

Will our DJ/Entertainment/Band a meal while the guests are eating?

What are the limitations regarding decorating inside the vessel?

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