Multi Vessels Regattas in Miami (3 Hours +)


Group Size


Water Fantaseas services both small and large groups with equal care. With careful planning, and with a superior sense of service, our multi vessel regattas offer an experience designed for all types of groups, whether a private family event or a private corporate event.


When you need to accommodate a large group, Water Fantaseas offers several options. One obvious possibility is a Dinner Cruise, and while a Dinner Cruise is an excellent evening activity (and Luncheon Cruises work well, too), it is far from being your only choice. For daytime outings we can also offer a large vessel as a “mother ship” for a greater variety of fun. In this type of cruise the whole group boards the vessel at a convenient location, and then it departs for a journey along the Intracoastal Waterway.


But what makes this type of cruise different is that at a pre-arranged spot, a place where the large vessel can move out of the waterway and anchor, it is met by other, smaller vessels that your guests can board from the mother ship to participate in different types of on-the-water activities. These smaller vessels can range from WaveRunners, which the guests operate themselves, to speedboats or sport yachts operated by professional, licensed captains.”


Multiple Boats Coordination


The advantages of this sort of cruise are many. The whole group gets to be together on one vessel for the bulk of the cruise, and yet still has the opportunity to participate in other, more personalized activities as well. In many ways, it’s the best of both worlds.


But for some folks, the smaller vessel activities are the highlight of their cruise and they really don’t want to spend any time aboard a “larger vessel.” They want the speed and the feeling of being closer to the water that the smaller boats provide. And they want it for their whole trip. Well, Water Fantaseas can solve this problem, too. It’s simple: use more than one boat –- have a regatta!


Whether you want the closer-to-nature thrill of being under sail (either monohull or catamaran), the excitement of high performance speedboats, or the combined speed and comfort that sport yachts offer, we can provide whatever you wish with as many boats as you need — the total number of guests per boat depends on its type.


And here’s the best part: you are not limited to just one type of boat! We can mix and match the boats in your multi-craft regatta to satisfy the preferences of any group. And, of course, our experience in organizing activities and events on, in, and around the water, assures you that your guests will have nothing to do but show up and have fun. We’ll take care of all the details.


Because an event of this type entails so many variables, we suggest that you call us and discuss your particular requirements. We pride ourselves on working hard to meet every client’s exact, individual and specific needs. So we’ll be happy to work with you to develop something especially for you in terms of the number and type(s) of boats and their itinerary.


Just call, and one of our cruise consultants will discuss your specific needs and desires. And then we’ll be happy to structure a regatta that will meet them.