Yacht Management Services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Aventura

Today’s yacht owners recognize the importance of protecting their assets and investments.


Whether you’ve purchased a 40’ express cruiser or a 100’ luxury motor boat, your first priority is to keep your vessel in pristine condition while being able to enjoy the yachting lifestyle you’ve become accustomed to.


Unfortunately, many owners may become disenfranchised about owning a vessel once unexpected mechanical failures come to the surface and maintenance programs are required. With our extensive background in charter and yacht management, we have put together a flexible Complete Yacht Management Plan to suit the varying needs of owners.


Water Fantaseas offers a wide array of services to ensure that your vessel is maintained properly, in pristine mechanical and cosmetic condition. When you select Water Fantaseas to manage your boat, you will receive the following services and benefits as only Water Fantaseas can provide them:

Yacht Management services and benefits

Whether you require assistance with insurance for your vessel or certifications and registrations, our management staff can easily resolve any administration tasks in a prompt and professional manner. Even finding the perfect dock has never been so easy.
Crew Services
Placing the appropriate crew onboard is essential. Rest assured that your yacht is in the professional hands of qualified and licensed captains as well as intensively trained mates who will treat your yacht as their own.
Financial and Marketing Services
Our management staff is able to manage the daily financials of your yacht with ease like crew salaries, payments for repairs, or purchasing supplies.<br /> Your vessel will be marketed aggressively through a distinctive network. Exclusive contracts with some of the most fashionable resort properties as well as our contacts with worldwide corporations, international leisure markets, and superior meeting planners, are only a few of the outlets through which your yacht is guaranteed exposure in the market unavailable elsewhere.
General Operations
The staff of Water Fantaseas will oversee the cleaning and general maintenance of your boat. Weekly checks including, but not limited to, battery levels and sea strainers are simple preventative maintenance items which can save owners thousand in future repair. Additional services such as waxing and polishing and even sea trials are just a phone call away for all of our owners under our Complete Yacht Management Plan.
Emergency and Technical Support
With staff available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our owners know that help is always available. From weather related problems to major mechanical breakdowns and accidents, our staff can provide and/or direct you to the appropriate assistance through our network of specialized associates within the marine industry.
Account Services
As the exclusive charter agent of your boat, We will execute all contracts, secure payments and disburse funds accordingly. At the end of each month, you will be provided with a statement outlining the charters that took place on your vessel, the amount due to you as the owner, along with any repairs or expenses.
Extended Operations
An extension of the services provided under the General Operations, this service will address additional cleaning and maintenance as necessary after each charter. Your yacht will always be returned to dock after each charter fully cleaned and ready for departure on a moments notice.
The calendar of your boat will be kept by our professional staff. Scheduled charters, proposed charters as well as owner usage and schedule maintenance are kept up to date and available on our specialized in-house server, available to our entire staff. This not only maximizes the useable time of your yacht, but also assists in the prompt booking of your yacht.

Yacht Management FAQ’S

What makes our service unique?

By managing an exclusive fleet of vessels in the 40’ to 100’ range, Water Fantaseas is able to offer personalized service to our owners rarely seen elsewhere. In conjunction with our unique marketing strength, we can offer our owners a greater number of charters per month, resulting in a higher level of supplemental income to apply toward ownership costs.

What expenses does the owner incur?

As the owner, you will be responsible for all repairs to your vessel, as well as standard fees such as dockage and general maintenance including but not limited to oil changes. General cleaning as well as systems checks, including but not limited to battery levels and sea strainers, are included in the monthly maintenance fee assessed to the owner. Additional services such as waxing are available. All insurance fees are also the sole responsibility of the owner.

What expenses does Water Fantaseas incur?

As the manager of your yacht, Water Fantaseas will incur all expenses related to the marketing of your vessel for charter, with the exception of vessel brochures. We also provide staff for the coordination and oversight of all repairs to your vessel, at our expense. Any expenses related to administration and accounting services offer by Water Fantaseas to you as the owner are also covered at no cost to you.

When can I use my boat?

When your vessel is not scheduled for a charter, it’s available for your use at a moments notice. We ask that owners try to schedule their use ahead of time so that we can block it accordingly in our calendars and not offer it for charter during your use. Additionally, we do ask that all previously booked charters be honored by the owners. Also, Water Fantaseas will be more than happy to provide crew services for your vessel while your onboard, if you so desire, for an additional cost.

Will chartering pay for all my expenses?
Chartering will allow for an owner to create supplemental income which they can apply toward the total cost of ownership. While Water Fantaseas can offer owners a greater number of charters per month compared to other management plans, we cannot guarantee that the generated income will completely offset your expenses.
What if I only want some of your services?
We recognize that these FAQ’s may only begin to address some of the questions you as an owner have, and for that reason, we invite you to speak to one of our representatives to further explain to you the benefits of a of our services.