Nassau Bahamas Luxury Yachts


Proof of Citizenship Disclosure: It is imperative that anyone who visits the Nassau Bahamas should bring a valid passport. U.S. citizens may also visit the island with an official birth certificate and a valid photo ID, however a passport is a better option. Your documentation must be presented to your Captain before departure for approval.


U.S.Immigration Office: The U.S. State Department requires that all passengers of a vessel that are returning from the Bahamas must present themselves in-person at the nearest Immigration Office, right after setting foot in U.S. territory. This may need to be done on the following day/s after arrival (depending on available office hours for the U.S. Immigration Office). Please consider this time in your scheduling as there may be delays. Please also note that, the whole group of passengers must remain in the boat until the immigration procedure has been fully cleared.


We at Water Fantaseas mention these technicalities beforehand so as to fully ensure a smooth trip and to avoid any possible problems. In reality these are small details and they should not discourage anyone from enjoying the wonderful travel opportunities that one of the most beautiful island in the world has to offer.


With the technicalities put aside, let us tell you a little bit more about this trip:


If you have a week available, this trip offers many different island experiences all rolled into one. Nassau is the largest city in the country. It is also the island nation’s capital, and home to many banks and other businesses. Because it is a major tourist destination, mainly for those who arrive both by air and cruise ship, you’ll find an extremely wide variety of things to see and do ashore, along with restaurants of all kinds from those featuring delicious native specialties, such as cracked conch, served in simple surroundings to elegant dining rooms boasting the finest in Continental Cuisine.


Because of the greater number of visitors arriving by ship or plane, Bahamian Customs and Immigration agents pay primary attention to the airport and cruise ship terminal; waiting for them to visit a private yacht in a marina can take hours – sometimes half again as long as the trip itself. So again, though it is entirely possible to cruise directly to Nassau from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, we highly recommend stopping first at Bimini. Besides, everyone visiting the region should spend at least one night in Alice Town. When we reach Nassau and enter the busy harbor, we have a choice of marinas – some on Nassau’s waterfront on New Providence Island, others across the harbor on Paradise Island. The newest of these is also a prime destination in its own right: the resort known as Atlantis, which has, in addition to the posh marina that’s geared to large luxury yachts, several fine restaurants, bars, and a major casino. It also has beaches, swimming pools and other attractions as well.


Please note that while we have a choice of marinas, the decision should be made well before our departure from Florida so as to secure reservations sufficiently in advance to guarantee a slip. There is enough to see and do in and around Nassau to make it your prime stop for the bulk of your trip. But if you prefer greater variety, it’s also possible to stop at Chub Cay on the way to or from Nassau. Located on one of the Berry Islands, this resort consists of beachfront rooms and villas and a clubhouse that doubles as a social center. There’s also a fine restaurant that serves both Bahamian and Continental Cuisine. This Out Islands location, once a private island, offers the spectacular, untouched natural beauty that’s unique to the Bahamas. It is quieter and far more private than Bimini, Nassau or Lucaya.


The trip back to the States can also be one hop (direct from Nassau to Miami) two hop (stopping overnight at Chub Cay) or three hop (also stopping again in Bimini). Whichever approach you prefer, and the choice is entirely yours, this Nassau Adventure gives you The Bahamas on several levels and styles. It can be a week you’ll remember forever.

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