Private Fishing Tournaments in Miami (3 Hours +)


Deep Sea Fishing


We know that corporate event planners are always looking for “different” activities that will provide a diversion from the heavier aspects of their overall meeting objectives, while at the same time boosting camaraderie and building teamwork among the meeting’s participants.


May we suggest deep-sea fishing? The Gulf Stream, with its abundant marine wildlife — Billfish, Dolphin (that’s Dorado; the fish, not the mammal), Wahoo, and Kingfish, just to name a few that will put up a good fight — runs close to shore in South Florida, so anglers don’t have to travel far or for very long to be in the thick of the action, whether departing from Fort Lauderdale or Miami.


And an afternoon of fishing in the Gulf Stream can be something your meeting participants will remember for a lifetime. Hooking up with a Billfish has been described as “having a tiger on the end of a thin, nylon leash!”

Private Fishing Tournaments in Miami (3 Hours +)
Private Fishing Tournaments in Miami (3 Hours +)

Multiple Boats Coordination


Because there is a legal limit of 6 anglers per sport fishing boat, lining up sufficient boats for your entire party and having them all arrive at the appointed place at the appointed time takes considerable planning and coordination. But that’s where Water Fantaseas comes in.


We specialize in coordinating and planning events in, on and around the water and are pleased to report that we have a high client-satisfaction rating for every event we take on. So whether you need two or three or as many as twenty fishing boats to accommodate your entire “crew,” we can make it happen.


We’ll take care of all the details so that you and your group merely have to show up and have fun.

Trophy Arrangement


And since there’s nothing quite like friendly competition to promote a “team spirit,” may we also suggest that instead of just having your guests go fishing, you turn the outing into a real tournament. If you desire, Water Fantaseas will be happy to arrange for trophies for the winners along with an elegant shore side “Awards Party” to complete the event.


If this idea sounds appealing, we’ll be happy to work with you to develop something especially for you and your company in terms of specific date, location, activities and overall complexity (from simply going fishing to staging an elaborate “competition” with the trophies and all the other related hoopla that goes along with the spirit of organized competition).


Just call, and one of our cruise consultants will discuss your particular needs and desires. And then we’ll be happy to structure a sport fishing event that will meet them.

Private Fishing Tournaments in Miami (3 Hours +)