wedding on a yacht

16 magnificent ideas for your wedding on a yacht

16 Best Ideas for Your Wedding on a Yacht

In this article, we are giving you 11 magnificent ideas to plan and enjoy your wedding on a yacht. As it says; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Wedding at a yacht has everything – celebrate your love at sea and make your day truly unforgettable.

1. Nautical Theme

wedding on a yacht

Blue tables with a knot, how sweet is that? You can always set your wedding theme to Nautical and it would look very classy!

2. Nautical theme

Nautical theme

Continue the theme and make sure that everything will WOW your guest

3. The true lovers knot

The true lovers knot

If you have sailor blood in your veins this is a romantic detail!

4. Save the date invitation

Save the date invitation

Set the theme early and tease your guests

5. Wooden anchor guest book

Wooden anchor guest book

Turn the traditional guest book into a decorative memory that will make you smile everyday.

6. Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Making everything 100% through will amaze your guests

7. Nautical quotes

Nautical quotes

Pep up your tidings with funny, romantic sea-quotes

8. Beautiful name tags

Beautiful name tags

So simple and beautiful

9. Sea Theme Cake

Sea Theme Cake

This is so classy and the fact that it keeps in line with the theme makes it almost too good to be true

10. The yacht provides endless decoration possibilities

endless decoration possibilities

11. Inquire about wheelchair availability before arrival

Some yachts have limited wheelchair accessibility, so if you want to enjoy or arrange your wedding on yacht you have to consider any elderly or disabled guests. Many yachts also have very congested corridors, staircases and high thresholds, so keep in mind to look for your guests with mobility issues when choosing for your wedding on any yacht or boat.

12. Be prepared for the possibility of seasickness.

During most bay or harbor cruises, seasickness is not a problem due to the calm waters. The fact that guests can always enjoy the scenery tends to make them feel more comfortable. Nevertheless, to ensure your guests are not prone to getting seasick, you have to be prepared. Consider adding some information to your wedding card or invitation on ways to combat seasickness, and have some ginger tea, ginger ale, or ginger candies on board.

13. Highlight the details of the wedding with a wedding invitation.

Provide an appropriate dress code, suitable for standing up to the elements (e.g. “nautical attire”), along with a description of the expected weather. Tell guests shades or sunblock will be a good idea based on the weather forecast and to remind them they may need a sweater or a coat. Women should also be informed about what to expect on the vessel (e.g. steep staircases) so they can opt for flats, wedges, or even flip-flops rather than stilettos!

14. Be prepared for bad weather.

If you would like an open-air wedding, we know you don’t want to consider the possibility of rain or extreme winds on your wedding day. In the event of inclement weather, though, be prepared! Talk with your coordinator about a “Plan B” interior space—just in case.

15. With your photographer, discuss photo opportunities.

It may be difficult for you to take formal photographs on your boat due to the size of the venue. Before your wedding voyage you might want to take “first look” or bridal party photos in a separate location.

16. It would be awesome to host more wedding-related events on a beautiful yacht.

If you’re not fully convinced that a wedding on the water’s for you, consider hosting your engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner on one! You’ll get the nautical experience of a boat event without the full commitment of hosting your entire wedding on board.

23 Questions To Ask Your Boat Wedding Venue

  1. Does the ship have any changing areas for the bride, groom, and/or wedding party? Or should we arrive fully dressed and ready to go?
  2. Before the wedding day, can we do a rehearsal on the boat?
  3. When do we get to set up for our event?
  4. Are there restrictions on how long the boat can be rented?
  5. During the party, will we have exclusive access to the boat?
  6. Do I have to stick to the scheduled cruise time if I have an event that runs longer?
  7. Is there a route the boat takes or does it stay at the dock?
  8. What happens if there’s inclement weather?
  9. Is it possible to bring in our own décor? If so, are there any restrictions?
  10. What is the dress code/appropriate attire?
  11. Can we use our own caterer/cake maker/DJ?
  12. Are children allowed on board?
  13. What kind of food is served? Can you accommodate specific dietary needs?
  14. Are animals allowed on board? (In case you want your furbaby to be your ring bearer!)
  15. Are gifts allowed on board?
  16. If the guest needs to leave early, what happens?
  17. Will my mobile phone work on the water?
  18. Are there heating and/or air conditioning on the boat?
  19. How many life preservers are on board?
  20. Where will my guests park? Is it close to the departure site?
  21. Where can overnight guests find accommodations?
  22. Is the gratuity included for the crew?
  23. Can we host our rehearsal dinner aboard the boat?


Everyone wants to make their big day as special as they can and with little more privacy with their loved ones. Looking for the best possible options on how, when and where you should plan the wedding day? We at WaterFantaseas dives into the picture with the most magnificent ideas for your big day. Water Fantaseas offers you some splendid ideas for your wedding on a yacht based on your budget and the luxuries you want to include. A wedding is the most special day for the ones who are going to take the vows, their families, and friends.


This is the day that you will remember for your lifetime. Exchanging vows is a lifetime experience, and it should be beautiful and memorable in the most magnificent way.

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