Boat Weddings in Miami

Boat Weddings in Miami

5 Most Common Questions on “Boat Weddings in Miami” Answered

Boat weddings in Miami, The music of the waves playing, the vast ocean spreading in every direction, the sky in the background, and the captain of the ship presiding over the wedding – who wouldn’t remember that!? Well, that could be your wedding scene.

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life and it deserves this extraordinary backdrop. A wedding at the sea is unique and quite unlike a wedding on the land. So, you should prepare differently too. Here are the top questions for which you must have the answers before you commit yourself to a grand wedding at the sea.

Does the cost of custom weddings vary with seasons?

Of course! Boat weddings in Miami on cruises have caught the popular imagination. Cruise liners have been getting a flood of requests and it’s not easy to handle all the customizations that the couples desire. Naturally, they have put a surcharge on their services, so that they can handle the customer requests. If you are getting married during the peak wedding seasons like May and June, or if you have chosen a special day of the year like Valentine’s Day to tie the knot, then be ready to pay a little extra.

Are weddings that are conducted on cruises legal?

It depends on where you have the wedding. Alternatively, you can have a wedding on a private island. Your legal wedding can take place before you set sail and you can enjoy the symbolic wedding on the cruise. You have plenty of options in terms of cruise weddings. But, it is vital that you collect all this information in advance and make your decision, so that there are no surprises later on.

Will the captain perform my wedding?

If you want the ship’s captain to perform the wedding for you, there are only a few cruise liners that offer this option. You have to check with the cruise liner to know whether your captain will be able to legally preside over your wedding. Having a ship’s captain as your minister is a dream come true. So, if you really want that, then you must discuss it with the cruise liner beforehand.

What if I have more guests than expected?

If you are planning a wedding on the cruise line, then you have to understand that it is a more exclusive event than the one on the land. You must create your guest list meticulously, and apprise the cruise liners of the exact number of people who will be attending your wedding. They will be able to accommodate only that many people and make arrangements for their dining. Of course, cruise ships generally allow a few extra guests at additional charges. However, it is always better to have a watertight guest list.

If the weather goes bad, can anything be done?

Cruise weddings are usually planned keeping in mind the historical weather data. The wedding coordinators inform the couples about the best time of the year to tie the knot. However, if it rains or the weather generally becomes bad, despite all the precautions, then the wedding is shifted to an indoor area of the ship. Bad weather can hit a sea wedding or a land wedding just the same. The best you can do is plan ahead and hope for the best.

Final Thoughts

Custom weddings on cruises can be designed as you like. However, you have to make sure that you start planning in advance, so that all the reservations can be made in time. If you manage to do that, then prepare to dazzle your guests with a wedding that they will not forget for a long long time to come. That is for sure!

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