Party Boat in Miami - Tips on how to pick the right boat

Party Boat in Miami – Tips on how to pick the right boat

Thinking of chartering a yacht for a party boat in Miami? Your first step is figuring out which yacht you want to use. Water Fantaseas has plenty of options that will make for a unique, yet equally enjoyable experience. As you begin to plan your party boat Miami you should consider the following factors.


This is the most important question that you have to answer, because the guests are the most important aspect of the party boat Miami. Whether you opt for a smaller or a larger option depends on the number of guest you wish to host. It’s essential for everyone’s yacht experience that guest have more than enough space to dance and mingle.

Determine your budget

Another factor to take into account is the budget. Aside from luxurious superyachts, Water Fantaseas has sailboat options that could easily fit all of your needs. At Water Fantaseas, we have some more luxurious options and also more affordable charters. Money should not be an issue on your first sea adventure.


Determining a schedule that works for all your guest could be difficult. Luckily, Water Fantaseas has many options ranging from small to large, inexpensive to luxurious, we constantly have something that’ll fit your schedule. Once your guest’ availability is determined, go ahead and schedule your party boat Miami for any convenient time. Also remember, we are always here to help.


This is by far the most important part. Our goal at Water Fantaseas is to insure that you and your guest have the time of your lives. Whether you are on a fast boat, or a boat make for smooth cruising and relaxing, we are positive that your party will be a success. We’ll even provide you with a captain and crew member if need be. Just remember, always be safe while at seat.

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