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Water Fantaseas: Yachts, Summers, and The Ocean Make For The Perfect Weekend Getaway

You work hard throughout the week. You slog, you put your hours, and you achieve your deadlines. You certainly deserve a break and some relaxation. At the end of every week, you have two choices before you – either let the time slip by as you age or make some awesome memories!

Summer weekends offer an endless variety of fun activities. Some weekends, you may just want to laze around at home and watch movies with the family. Some of you may want to go out for a picnic. Perhaps, a nice brunch does the trick for some of you. But, when you feel like having the perfect weekend, just get yourself a yacht. “Why”, you ask? Here’s why.


Water is Fun

That’s no secret. With yachts, you get the luxury of relaxing in the middle of the ocean and refresh yourself with the ocean breeze. By the way, a tryst with the ocean can also be arranged. That means you can get up close and personal with the clear, beautiful waters with activities like snorkeling, swimming and wave running. That is no ordinary weekend.


It’s Relaxing

After a hard week at work, sitting on the deck of a yacht, drinking a cold drink, and soaking in the sun is all you need to melt away your troubles. No phone calls; no meeting; just you and the expansive ocean. You can spend time reflecting on your life alone or use this opportunity to give some quality time to your partner or indulge with your kids. All in all, after you get down from the yacht, your mind and body will feel completely renewed.


Nothing is More Romantic

Imagine this – light breeze flowing through your hair, no one to disturb you in the middle of the ocean, and your partner in tow. How does that sound for a romantic evening? Perfect. Doesn’t it? A yacht is simply the best place to take your significant other on a date or on an overnight stay. You will be able to reconnect with them like you never have. It is the serene and tranquil ambience that brings out the romance in everybody.


Satisfies the Foodie in You

While there is a lot to do out on the deck, the inside of the yacht is another party waiting for you. Yachts are usually synonymous with awesome beverages, but with services like Waterfantaseas, the food will be a highlight of your experience too. There is an entire buffet of delicacies waiting for you to feast on. The sheer variety of choice and the mouthwatering flavors will stay with you for many weeks to come. Surprisingly, the food will also be one of the compelling reasons for you to plan another weekend onboard.

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