Gift Your Father The Sun, The Sea And A Day He Will Never Forget

Gift Your Father The Sun, The Sea And A Day He Will Never Forget

Your dad is your first friend, best friend, your teacher, your hero, and so much more to you. He has always been there. From teaching you how to ride a bike to attending your school performances to counselling you through life, he has always stood there, in the background, propelling you ahead as one unwavering force of awesomeness. You cannot say enough Thank Yous or repay him. But, what you can do is show him how special he is for you and celebrate his awesomeness under the sun and by the sea, making memories that both of you will always cherish.


The Dream Retreat

Everyone plans a meal. But the same meal onboard a yacht is suddenly unique, suddenly special. The best part is that you can just switch yourself off and give 100% of your time to your beloved dad. No office calls, no friends texting you, or anyone else stealing away your time with your father. When you give that kind of a gift to your father, you will see the happiness in his eyes.


Why the Sea?

The sea has a funny effect on us humans. It is the calming sounds of the waves that helps us unwind. It helps us open up and pour our heart out. We feel our own emotions more intensely. And when you are out with your father, you will be able to communicate better, connect better. On the sea, it is truly Father’s Day, so just give him a good ear. Ask him how he has been doing and tell him about your life is shaping up. Your father has always been your guiding light, so he will love your expression of appreciation and thoughtfulness.


Spoil him

While the sea is great to relax, the celebration starts with the incredible food and beverages on board. Do not forget to keep those delicious mimosas and martinis coming. It will help you enjoy more. The light breeze, the beautiful horizon and your company will make your dad feel like a King, on top of the world. But, do not fill yourself up with drinks and the munchies, because the yacht rides serve some really mean brunches and lunches.

Take a food break. Enjoy the full-fledged buffet onboard the yacht. Sounds fancy? Well, it is by design. You will find lip-smacking appetizers and meals that you will not be able to get enough of. But, don’t forget to get a bite of a dessert or two because there will be plenty for you to enjoy. A fully stocked bar is a common feature on a yacht, so you can get something to wash all that down too.


Save and Cherish The Moments

Do not forget to take a lot of pictures of the memorable day because these are some of the memories that are going to stay with you forever. With the sea as your backdrop, the ocean breeze playing with your hair, and your father sporting an ear-to-ear smile, you are bound to capture some stunning pictures worthy of a lifetime of happiness for him to cherish.

It will easily be one of the absolute best gifts for your father. He is going to remember this Father’s Day, when both of you went sailing. This is going to further strengthen the bond between you two. After all, isn’t that what a Father’s Day is all about?

So, what’s your plan for this Father’s Day?

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