Best Movie Yachts

The Top 4 Best Movie Yachts

Best Movie Yachts to look for in 2021

Miami Party Yacht – Luxury yachts are to Hollywood blockbusters as baseball is to America.

It can be easy to get lost in the fantasy of Hollywood special effects, but sometimes what catches our eyes isn’t the dazzling CGI, it’s the luxury displayed in the world that seems unattainable to the average eye. We have composed a list of the top 4 best movie yachts that had us daydreaming about submerging ourselves into the plot (no matter how dangerous it was).

The best part about this list, and why we decided to share it with you, is that you don’t need to be an international super spy, a conman in the bustling cubicles of Wall Street, or a Hollywood agent looking for his next client.

These yachts, and many other boating options are readily available for your enjoyment with Water Fantaseas. Although not exactly the yachts you may see on this list, we have many luxury options that will take your next leisurely weekend afternoon, or special event with friends and family, to the next level.


  1. Goldeneye, 1995

To be clear, this list does not have a specific order. How could I possibly be tasked with choosing which of these four yachts are the best, it’s impossible.

Luxury yachts have been a quintessential aspect of 007 films since the first film, Dr. No, was released in 1962. Since then, the super spy has taken many forms, as well as taking many rides on best movie yachts (even if sometimes he barely makes it out alive).

This luxury yacht, named the Northern Cross, sleeps up to 12 guest and is a whopping 43m! Needless to say, this yacht will take a regular Saturday afternoon on the sea into a luxurious new realm.


  1. Wolf of Wall Street, 2013

Known as “Lady M” in the narrative of the film, this luxury yacht was built to withstand even the most alluring con man in New York City. And unlike the yacht in the film, this superyacht does not sink.

This boat was built to entertain. Standing at 44m, and with a capacity to sleep 10 guest, Lady M navigates the open sea like a charm. Luckily, Water Fantaseas offers many options just like Lady M that you’ll want to throw a party to rival Leonardo DiCaprio’s.


  1. Casino Royale, 2006

No, M3 is not the name of a high-operative superspy in 2006’s 007 reboot, Casino Royale, it is the name of this ultra-luxurious yacht actor Daniel Craig got the privilege to ride in.

This motor yacht was built for ultimate speed and comfort.

With a capacity to sleep up to 8 guest in four comfortable cabins, this motor yacht has everything needed to explore Miami in ultimate style.


  1. Entourage, 2015

What more could you expect from the hit HBO TV series turned big-screen-adaptation?

Hollywood’s elite have never traveled in better luxury. This 47m award-winning superyacht, known as the USHER, is perfect for a yacht party built for the likes of Hollywood’s elite.

Lucky for you, Water Fantaseas offers options that’ll make you worth of making Vincent Chase’s guest list.

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